Inbound Marketing and the Findability Factor #004

In this TrendSpotters installment, Candyce has a conversation with Heather Lutze of Findability Group Internet Marketing about techniques to help businesses dominate in search results. Heather is the author of The Findability Formula: The Easy, Non-technical Approach to Search Engine Marketing as well as a columnist for Website Magazine. More than a search engine optimization expert, Heather specializes in overall findability and the strategies that help to fuel inbound marketing.


Findability expert Heather LutzeRecently, I attended Socialize East, a social media conference in midtown Manhattan, with the intention of gaining insights into B2B social media optimization. The only session that gave me information I could act upon was Heather’s. The Findability Formula for Linkedin: B to B Social Media Made Profitable was an informative presentation on the use of some “hidden” Google tools as well as how to tweak one’s LinkedIn profile for optimal findability. Heather presented with such clarity (and humor) that I had to get her on TrendSpotters. She is a sought-after speaker on the subject and it’s not hard to figure why this is when listening to the interview.

Back in the early days of the web, traditional marketing approaches such as ads and generic “push” messaging was the norm. Websites were nothing more than online brochures written from that business’ perspective of how they thought customers should buy from them. As more and more buyers began using online tools to research solutions to their business problems, it became apparent to savvy marketers that a  customer-centric approach to online lead generation was the way to go. It is this same concept of getting into the buyer’s head, marketing to the way they search, that Heather discusses with Candyce.

Starting with a spot-on definition of findability, Heather speaks about how website content must be relevant to the person doing the searching. She further mentions that companies must think on a broader level to use search engines (as well as social media) for delivering high quality inbound traffic. Knowing how people search is essential to generating quality content across all assets (website, blog posts, video, social media, etc.). Heather also shares search techniques using the Google Wonder Wheel and the Google Keyword Tool to determine highly optimized keywords that connect businesses with searchers who are ready to engage.

Search engine marketing and search engine optimization have become closely linked with social media, a fact that companies cannot afford to ignore. With the inclusion of social media content in Google search results, the strategic use of platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook has become essential to inbound marketing success. If you’re serious about improving the quality of your inbound leads, you’ll want to hear what Heather has to say. Read more about Heather and read her articles by clicking here.

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