5 Tips for Driving Conversions in B2B Email Marketing

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The goal of email marketing is lead conversion
Email marketing remains one of the most effective communication vehicles among today’s marketers. In fact, according to the B2B Email Marketing Benchmark Report, 74% of B2B marketers believe that email marketing is critical to their success.

A well-executed email should be visually appealing, educate your target audience on your offer, and drive recipients to action. Here are some tips on creating compelling promotional emails that are sure to convert leads.

Tip#1: Focus on Subject Lines

Often marketers treat subject lines as an afterthought. They put a lot of effort into items like the body text and design layout—but wait until the last minute to slap a subject line on the email as it’s going out the door.

Remember that the subject line is what draws your prospect into reading your email. It’s also what makes them decide to delete without opening. So it’s worth spending some extra time getting it right. Subject lines should be customer-centric and clearly outline your offer in as few words as possible—particularly since many recipients will be viewing your communication on mobile devices.

Tip #2: Set Expectations

When emailing to a new list, don’t leave your recipients in the dark. In your initial email contact, inform them about how often they will hear from you and what kind of content they can expect to receive. Once you’ve established these expectations, be consistent about following through. Also, be sure to make the opt-in/ opt-out process as easy and obvious as possible.

Tip #3: Keep it Simple

When it comes to email layout, simplicity can be powerful. Don’t overwhelm your audience with drawn-out paragraphs or competing design elements. Instead, keep text and layout tight with high emphasis on your call-to-action button.

Also, don’t overload your message with too many images. Studies show that emails containing a high text to image ratio ultimately perform better. Lastly, keep in mind that video thumbnails within emails can receive double to triple the number of clicks compared to text links.

Tip #4: Express Urgency

If possible, your email should convey the reasons why it’s critical for your audience to act on your offer right away. A great way to go about this is posing a compelling question on a pressing issue (i.e. “Are you prepared to meet new financial regulations?”).

Offering time sensitive promotions can also be a useful tactic for creating urgency in customers’ minds. Opt-in incentives such as free trials offer that have an expiration tag could drive recipients to action faster.

Tip#5: Personalize Your Message

Your prospects are overloaded with mountains of spam and other non-useful communications each day. Ensure that your email doesn’t get lost in the shuffle by making your message relevant and tailored to your audience’s interests. This approach will help keep your recipients engaged with your content.

Additionally, research indicates that emails coming from an individual person in your company, rather than a generic company address deliver better open rates.

Keys to Converting Leads

Email marketing can be a highly effective way of generating awareness of your brand, sharing your content, and building relationships with your customers. To maximize the success of this effort, pay close attention to the way you are delivering your offer. Keep text direct and to the point. Use a layout that is clutter-free and clearly emphasizes the call-to-action. Using the tips listed above, you can shape an effective email strategy that will help you convert more qualified leads in no time.

For more information on how to create a strategic content plan that incorporates effective use of email marketing, see “Content Strategy: 7 Ways to Feed the Content Beast.”

Christina Oswald

Christina Oswald

Christina is a B2B Copywriter for the Financial Services Industry.
Christina Oswald
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