Opportunity Generation

Convert qualified leads into sales-ready opportunities and opportunities into revenue.

Opportunity GenerationWhen your sales and marketing teams blanket your prospects with untargeted or unclear messages in the hope that someone will bite, it’s a no-win situation for everyone.  Marketing wastes time spinning wheels on campaigns that will likely drum up very few qualified opportunities, while your sales team ends up chasing unqualified leads that have little chance of becoming closed deals.

PropelGrowth provides a mechanism that enables your sales and marketing teams to deliver more relevant, consistent, and effective communications to your prospects, which in turn will help your company to generate leads, nurture them until they are sales ready, and turn them into qualified opportunities with real closing potential.

“PropelGrowth helped us create an opportunity generation process that increased our lead to opportunity conversion rate from 5% to 24% in the first two months.  Now we’ve got a stronger, better qualified, growing pipeline.”

~ CEO, Capital Markets Consulting Practice

Our Methodology:

PropelGrowth delivers a framework to convert your leads into a steady stream of qualified sales opportunities.  We will enable your sales and marketing teams to more effectively prospect and qualify leads with business-oriented, multi-touch, personalized campaigns that deliver compelling, informed value propositions to the right targets. Our approach will:

Help your team to adopt our opportunity generation campaign methodology, providing a less painful process for prospecting and lead generation, and empowering sales to take control of their pipelines with simple-to-run campaigns.  This methodology includes tried and true communication strategies for articulating your value proposition and identifying the most appropriate targets.  Read more…

This program will help:

  • Teach a simple calculation for determining the number of opportunities you’ll need in the pipeline to meet quota each year, so that both your marketing and sales teams are aligned around a common goal.
  • Integrate with demand generation and marketing activities such as advertising, direct mail, events, on-line campaigns, and conferences.
  • Reduce potential conflicts between sales and marketing by clearly defining leads, qualified leads, and qualified opportunities, so that their aligned efforts reach a common goal.  Score leads based on their “digital body language,” measuring their responses over time and promoting them to sales when they’re ready to buy.  Read more…
  • Design customized campaign tools with content developed specifically for your target prospects.  Tools include call scripts, emails, letters, call prompters and tiered questioning frameworks that consistently articulate your value proposition.

PropelGrowth will help your sales and marketing teams to better understand your potential customer base and more effectively articulate how your firm’s capabilities will help those prospects accomplish their business goals.  Together they will generate leads that turn into qualified opportunities, and turn those opportunities into closed deals.

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