Customer Insights Drive Sales. The firm that understands the customer best, wins the sale. Let us show you how to leverage buyer research to effectively attract, engage and convert prospects into satisfied customers.

Do You Really Understand Your Customer's Needs,
Or Are You Simply Guessing?


Stop Guessing!

If you’re not talking to customers, you’re just guessing. And guessing wrong can cost a fortune in wasted marketing and missed sales. To get your value proposition right, you HAVE to talk to the people who have the problems you help solve. We take the guesswork out of marketing and sales messaging by doing qualitative buyer persona and voice of the customer research to evolve your story, define your strategy and set the tone for future content. This is what enables smart growth.

Facilitate The Buying Process

Leverage buyer persona research to align your messaging with the voice of your customer and facilitate their buying process.


Customers buy from companies they trust.

Get the Buying Process Reference Guide

PropelGrowth helps clients create and execute research-based marketing strategies:


PropelGrowth helps in three ways…

LinkedIn Lead Generation


Keep Sales Flowing, Even When Working From Home

In 2018, we began using LinkedIn to prospect for new leads in a market where we had no existing network. Over the course of 6 months, a single team member investing about 5 hours a week was able to connect with 500 new prospects, engage with 355, and book sales meetings with 125.

How would 125 sales calls in the next six months impact your pipeline?

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Workshop - From LinkedIn Connection to Meaningful Conversation

Learn how to engage with leads on LinkedIn

The true value of making connections on LinkedIn comes from meaningful engagement through relationship-building.

Learn how to leverage the prospecting approach that Candyce employs to book meetings with a 71% success rate (hint: it’s all about authentic, human-to-human outreach that works).

Join us for this 1-hour live workshop.

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Visit the Acumatica Partner Resource Center to up your marketing game.

Visit the Acumatica Partner Resource Center for insights and tips on applying a strategic marketing approach to your business. We’ve brought together insights and tips to help your marketing align with your business goals. If you’re an ERP VAR who is serious about developing marketing that contributes to revenue, click the button below.

Let us help you communicate that value to your ideal target market. Our team can help you develop a strategic, competitive approach to marketing your business that establishes you as a trusted advisor with specialized expertise. Then we can help you execute a marketing strategy that will attract the right kinds of leads to not only drive revenue, but also improve margins.

The PropelGrowth Team is here help you become the trusted advisor to your niche and drive more revenue from your Acumatica sales and consulting services.

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