Feeding The Content Beast In The Real World

Candyce Edelen interviews Dan Hubscher, Head of Marketing for a financial technology provider about how he completely restructured his firm’s approach to marketing, moving from tactical MarCom, advertising, events and PR to an integrated, customer-centric strategy. They’ll discuss:

  • Why you need an integrated marketing strategy rather than just a tactical plan
  • Aligning the marketing strategy with sales objectives
  • Selecting the right targets
  • Developing the strategy (customer interviews, personas, messaging)
  • Reaching personas who aren’t searching (when inbound won’t work)
  • Feeding the content beast
  • Outcomes of our 2013 integrated marketing strategy


  • A simple plan for discussing sales strategies and aligning sales and marketing
  • Buyer persona templates and interview plans that actually work
  • Concrete strategies to help sales access the whole buying committee

You will also gain access to a free buyer persona template as a result of registering.

Download white paper - Feeding The Content Beast