Website Content

Your Website is Your Most Important Sales Tool

Visitors typically land on your site for 1 of 3 reasons:

  • They were searching for the answer to a specific question
  • A social mention or ad caught their attention
  • They’re responding to your outbound marketing
  • They’re searching for your company or products specifically

Your goal for every visit should be to:

  • Answer their questions as directly as possible
  • Clearly explain your value proposition
  • Convert qualified anonymous visitors into known leads
  • Further the sales process with active prospects

What Your Website Needs

To do this, your website needs customer-centric content, a strategic and visually pleasing design that guides them through their buying journey, and effective calls to action to convert the right visitors into leads.

It’s all about attracting and converting the RIGHT visitors. A lot of companies will focus on growing traffic. But if the traffic is not from your target audience, it’s irrelevant. So your web content strategy must start with a clear understanding of your target audience.

Web content needs to:

  • Attract the right audience
  • Help buyers understand their needs and the pain points you address
  • Give visitors a vision for how they could solve their problem
  • Understand how your offering fits in that vision
  • Encourage conversions that will help you identify qualified leads

How PropelGrowth Helps Develop Website Content

We work with your team to determine the strengths and shortcomings of your current web content. Then based on buyer personas, we’ll prepare a plan and write search-optimized content. We also provide creative design services to visually enhance the messaging and help move visitors through a buying journey.

Each page will be optimized with internal linking to encourage visitors to explore further and spend more time on the site. In addition, every page will contain relevant calls to action (CTAs) to help convert visitors into leads.

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