White Papers and E-books

White papers and E-books can give you an opportunity to deeply connect with your target audience on a specific topic.

E-books are often used at the top of the funnel to help create awareness of a specific business problem or need. E-books can range in length from a few pages to several hundred. They generally offer in-depth coverage of a topic. When written for a specific target audience and closely aligned to the overall marketing strategy, e-books can be an amazing lead generation tool. They can also facilitate getting key thought leaders speaking positions at conferences and trade shows, further enhancing your branding and visibility.

White papers are most useful at the evaluation and commitment stages of the buying process and help address specific concerns that prospects commonly raise as they endeavor to make a well-informed technology decision.

Well-targeted and effectively written white papers can be powerful B2B lead conversion tools that move leads further in their buying process. But to be effective, they must be directly relevant to your target audience and buyer persona, address their specific business concerns, and provide the kind of information that helps trigger a transition from one buying stage to the next.

How PropelGrowth Develops E-books and White Papers

PropelGrowth creates customer-centric white papers that help prospects gain a vision of how they can solve a challenging business or technical problem using your offering. We do extensive research to provide content that answers critical customer questions and helps advance a sale. Then we also create promotional plans to reach the appropriate target audience and nurturing plans to follow up with the leads once they convert.

PropelGrowth helps develop the strategy for the e-book and can also provide ghost writing and creative design services to provide professional, polished content.

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