Live and Online Events


Webinars can be an extraordinarily effective marketing tool when carried out correctly. In a recent survey of technology buyers, webinars were used by 78% of respondents during their decision process. But it takes careful planning and professional production to carry off an event that positively reflects on your brand.

How PropelGrowth Helps Produce Webinars

PropelGrowth will help you select a topic that aligns with your sales and marketing strategy and is of interest to your target audience. We’ll help you plan the content, select and prepare the speakers, and promote the event.

We produce articles to support promotion both before and after the live event to attract more registrants and extend the webinar recording’s useful lifespan. We also provide professional moderation, edited recordings and a campaign to promote the recorded asset.

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Round Tables

We often produce private round tables for our clients – either in a live or virtual setting. These round tables are an excellent tool for nurturing sales opportunities and getting in the door with key accounts. We use them to help you gain access to senior executives in target accounts, position your executives as colleagues (instead of vendors), gain market insights to refine your strategy, get a deeper understanding of the challenges facing your target customer base, uncover nuances on industry issues, and capture insights for a thought leadership program.

PropelGrowth will help you gather 10-20 very senior people from your target accounts to talk about key issues in the industry. We’ll bring in an experienced moderator, and will write up a report on the event. We can also use the discussion to create a “Buffalo Program” which will give you a year of campaign content.

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Video is a powerful tool for engaging busy customers.  In a world with busy schedules and varied learning styles, video is particularly effective at communicating, especially when you’re targeting the C-suite. According to Forbes, 75% of senior executives watch video at work and share video with colleagues. It’s an ideal tool for buyers who are evaluating their options to select vendors for a shortlist. Videos can give them a brief overview of your products or services so they have a sense of your offering before they commit to a full demo.

PropelGrowth has in-house talent to create animated explainer videos or annotated brief demos. We can also engage teams to help produce live action videos. In all cases, we use video to help nurture your leads and guide them through their buying process.

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