Coaching With Candyce

Our B2B marketing coaching program includes 10 basic ingredients:

  1. Evaluating the current state
  2. Developing and refining a documented strategy
  3. Researching and documenting buyer personas
  4. Developing content based on persona research
  5. Aligning content with the buying process
  6. Collaborating with sales
  7. Planning marketing programs and campaigns
  8. Tactical planning
  9. Developing and enhancing critical marketing skills
  10. Reviewing results and optimizing content and campaigns

Every client is different. Some need help figuring out their go-to-market strategy. Others have a more mature strategy and need help with tuning it for their target audience. Our coaching program is customized to meet the client’s specific needs.

Setting Goals and Planning

The first two months will focus on evaluating the current state of your marketing. From there, we’ll set reasonable goals and expectations for the year. Then we will identify four to six specific objectives on which we will work to achieve over the remainder of the year.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

We hold weekly 90-minute coaching sessions by phone/virtual meeting. Each coaching session starts by reviewing the goals we set last week and the work accomplished since then. Next, we address any new issues or concerns that have come up. Then, we spend about 60 minutes working on the topic scheduled for that session. Finally, we set new objectives for the coming week.

Coaching clients may also email us between sessions with quick questions, advice on facilitating sales opportunities, and other issues as they arise.

Staying Aligned with Business Goals

On a monthly or bi-monthly basis, we invite your CEO, head of sales, and other relevant team members to join the coaching session. This allows us to share marketing plans and progress. We also review sales deals in progress to understand how marketing can support the sales process. We also discuss emerging issues that may require a shift in the marketing strategy. We find that engaging across the organization helps to ensure that marketing stays closely aligned with the needs of the business.

Costs for Coaching Service

Marketing Coaching plans start at $3,500 per month with an annual contract. We may include a kickstart fee for getting started, if you require more intensive work at the beginning to evaluate the current state and quickly develop a marketing strategy.

Getting Started

For more information on our B2B Marketing Coaching Program, click here.

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