Research Studies

According to a CMO Council study, buyers consider research reports highly useful in their buying process. Research studies can be a powerful tool to attract and nurture leads, gain earned media coverage, and attract attention to your brand.

They can also be used to create a substantial amount of derivative content that will extend the reach, amplify the content and build an audience. Research can be both quantitative and qualitative. We recommend a mix, as the findings from a strictly qualitative study can be misleading if not accompanied by interviews to understand the back story behind responses.

How PropelGrowth Helps Develop Research Studies

PropelGrowth can help plan and execute research studies aligned with your marketing strategy. These studies will provide you with actionable insight you can use in product development, sales strategy, and marketing. We use interviews, surveys and online research to uncover trends and publish reports and ancillary content.

If you engage us for a research study, you’ll also get enough content to run a year’s worth of campaigns with press releases, media pitches, blog posts, articles, infographics, webinars, podcasts and videos to extend the reach of the research and generate more awareness.

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