Case Studies

Case studies can be powerful sales tools, if they’re done well. According to a recent study, 73% of technology buyers used case studies during their research.

But many vendor case studies position the customer as a “damsel in distress” waiting to be rescued by the valiant vendor.” Clients hate this positioning. It makes them look bad and hurts their brand. It also appears disingenuous to prospective customers.

How PropelGrowth Develops Case Studies

PropelGrowth uses a journalistic approach to tell the customer’s story. We interview you and your customers to get the story. Then in our writing, we position members of your customer’s team as the heroes of the story. They used your offering to save the day. Employing storytelling techniques, we produce case studies written like magazine profile articles. They’re interesting, engaging, and realistic.

By framing your customer as the hero, we strive to make the article something your client views as excellent PR. We also give them editorial control, allowing them to ensure that the article complies with their media relations strategy. This makes them much more likely to sign off on letting you use their name in the study.

Because of this approach, we are often able to place the case studies in trade publications. Syndication like this dramatically increases the story’s reach and impact.

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