B2B Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing

The biggest challenge for many tech firms is insufficient qualified lead flow. In order to grow, you need to increase both the quantity and quality of deals in the pipeline. But you also need to keep leads that aren’t yet sales-ready from falling through the cracks.

PropelGrowth helps clients generate qualified leads, converting those that are sales-ready while nurturing those who need more time. Our goal is to increase marketing-generated sales opportunities. At the same time, we also support Sales’ outbound lead generation and prospecting activities.

Clients often come to us for help solving these common problems:

  • Sales is responsible for prospecting and sourcing their own leads, but they need help from Marketing.
  • Marketing has been publishing blogs and content, but see little traffic and few qualified lead conversions.
  • Marketing is attracting leads via digital advertising, SEO and social media, but the leads aren’t well qualified.

Pre-Requisites for Effective B2B Lead Generation

Building a B2B lead generation machine requires:

To be successful, most B2B companies need to combine sales prospecting (outbound) with inbound marketing in order to generate enough qualified sales opportunities. We support both methods of B2B lead generation.

We help sales with their outbound prospecting by providing:

  • Market research and thought leadership that will help attract prospects’ interest.
  • Developing and supporting a sales development rep (SDR) team.
  • A methodology for using LinkedIn to support lead generation that actually works.
  • Call scripts and messaging to help Field Sales and SDRs in their outreach efforts. Read about equipping your SDR team.
  • Reference stories (mini case studies) Sales can use to capture a prospect’s interest.
  • Customizable email templates that Sales can use in multi-touch call>email>call sequences.
  • Content that Sales can offer in order to get a meeting.
  • Nurture tracks for prospects who express interest but are not yet sales-ready.

Inbound Marketing and Lead Generation

We also help build inbound marketing and lead generation programs. Our process follows 8 steps to generate and convert well-qualified leads:

Research Your Customer
Develop Content For Each Stage in the Buying Process
  • Create a thought leadership program to attract early stage leads and build awareness.
  • Prepare blog posts, web pages and articles to support leads at every stage in the buying process.
  • Create emails targeting each key buyer persona to promote each piece of content.
  • Establish automation workflows that trigger based on lead behavior.
Attract Visitors with Lead Magnets and Thought Leadership
  • Develop multiple lead magnets to attract the ideal customer based on research.
  • Syndicate content and thought leadership on 3rd party sites with links to the lead magnets.
  • Run ads promoting the lead magnets in places where the ideal customer will see them.
Convert Visitors to Sales Leads
  • Create conversion paths on the website to capture lead contact information.
  • Deploy lead alerts to notify Sales when a qualified lead arrives.
  • Place leads in automated email sequences based on their area of interest.
Score the Leads Based on Profile and Behavior
  • Score leads as they respond to email offers to qualify them for Sales interaction.
  • Monitor leads as they approach qualification thresholds to evaluate sales readiness.
  • Promote sales-ready leads to the sales team for outbound calls/emails.
Nurture Qualified Leads
  • Ensure that non-sales-ready leads do not fall through the cracks.
  • Communicate with leads on a regular cadence, sharing blogs and other materials of interest.
  • Encourage leads to reach out when they’re ready to talk with Sales.
Expand Reach into Target Accounts
  • When leads from a key target account engage, identify other contacts in that organization.
  • Place each persona from key accounts in a persona-specific nurture campaign.
  • Track interest across account and promote to Sales when lead activity indicates sufficient interest.
Evaluate Program and Continually Improve
  • Evaluate the leads generated by the program for conversion to qualified opportunities.
  • Identify which content, syndication sites and ads generated the best leads.
  • Increase the volume of what’s working and eliminate the things that are not working.

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