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Social Selling Training

PropelGrowth helps firms use LinkedIn to build pipeline.

  • Social selling training
  • Establishing your presence on LinkedIn
  • Using LinkedIn as a sales tool
  • Posting strategies to attract leads
  • Developing a niche strategy to improve social selling effectiveness
  • Using LinkedIn to attract and engage ideal prospects

Using proven best practices in sales and content marketing, we help you develop programs that build awareness and drive demand.

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PropelGrowth Social Selling Training Options

We offer 3 types of training to help you and your team use LinkedIn more effectively.

Prospecting Mastery is a self-directed course. In it, Candyce teaches all the secrets of how she’s built her LinkedIn presence and how she books meetings every day with cold leads. It gives you all the education you need to be successful at prospecting on LinkedIn.

That course is perfect for the self-starter who prefers self-directed learning and just needs a roadmap from someone who’s been where you want to go.

PropelGrowth’s 90-Day Prospecting Accelerator is where you get more personal help. It includes all the content from Prospecting Mastery, but also includes live coaching in a small group as well as 1:1 coaching with Candyce.

The Accelerator is for people who want more coaching. You want training that’s specific to your situation and your target audience. You like learning in a small group. And you could benefit from having someone hold you accountable to your goals.

If that sounds like you, then check out our 90-Day Accelerator.

Live Workshops – on occasion, PropelGrowth provides live workshops that help dive deeper into topics taught in Prospecting Mastery. These are companion training, not replacements for our main course. Keep an eye on our events section or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when we run a workshop.

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