Solving the No Decision Problem

Loss of sales to “No Decision” can be expensive

Technology sales are more likely to be lost to “NO DECISION” than to a competitor. Not only are these losses painful, but they’re often even more expensive than competitive losses, because the sales team works longer and harder to try and convince the buyers to move. The video below, “Solving The No Decision Problem,” talks about the NO DECISION problem and how to tackle it.

Your sales and marketing teams need to work together to influence potentially indecisive buying committees.

PropelGrowth has extensive resources to help you reduce your NO DECISION rate and improve sales effectiveness. The materials below will inform your marketing strategy and so you can help buying committee members reach consensus.

Scroll to the bottom if you need help developing an effective strategy. We offer coaching, loss analysis and video production to help you break down barriers in the buying committee.

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PropelGrowth can help reduce your “No Decision” rate


No matter how experienced your marketing team, a coach can help the team work more effectively and progress more quickly. This is especially true in helping reduce the “no-decision” loss rate. Companies with a strong coaching culture are 130% more likely to have strong business results according to a Deloitte research group.

PropelGrowth provides specialized marketing coaching to help your team do better market research and loss analysis, refine the marketing strategy and plans to be more customer-centric, and align content to the customer’s buying process.

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Video helps reduce the “no decision” loss rate by building advocacy within an organization. Executives often share video internally. So a well-executed video can be like an extra sales person on the inside, helping buying committees overcome fear and reach consensus. The effectiveness of video is well-documented. 75% of executives watch work-related videos at least weekly and nearly 60% say they’re more likely to watch a video on a page than read text.

PropelGrowth creates videos to educate buyers and build consensus at every stage in the buying process.