Creative Design

“In the modern world of business, it is useless to be a creative, original thinker unless you can also sell what you create.”  — David Ogilvy

Creative Should Add Value, Not A Veneer

Many companies view Marketing as the “Make It Pretty Department.” Creative is tapped as the final step of an assembly line process to produce the visuals. That’s where companies tend to miss the mark. If they have any kind of strategy, they leave out a crucial element — the creative mindset. Today’s teeming competitive landscape requires brands to stand out or get left out. Companies that engage the creative mind early in the strategy-building process produce better informed and differentiated brand experiences.

At PropelGrowth we view creativity as the process of problem-solving, design as purposeful planning and execution. We believe that creative thinking is crucial to solving the problems of business and provides customers with more memorable experiences with your brand. It’s how we go about the business of communication design.

PropelGrowth creative marketing process

A Strategic, Collaborative Approach to Business

Companies that succeed at innovation outdistance the competition by challenging the status quo, from the inside out. Innovation-oriented companies like IBM and Apple who embrace modern design thinking understand the value of creative design as a communication asset and leverage its influence upon strategy early on. Forward thinking firms recognize an interdisciplinary approach to developing go-to-market strategy as a key factor to gaining competitive advantage because they view the creative process as a valuable problem solving asset.

Starting with voice of the customer research, PropelGrowth applies both business and creative thinking to marketing strategy. We believe that this process yields better informed, more compelling outcomes that more effectively capture audience mindshare. It’s what differentiates relevant from irrelevant content.

In today’s fast-paced, media-rich culture, good visual design is table stakes. But that’s not the only consideration. Audiences expect (and need) an intuitive, seamless experience with your content. They also want to feel they have a connection with a high-caliber brand they trust. But without a guiding strategy, why would you expect your creative content to be anything more than pointless eye candy? What’s the plan for you brand?

Communication Design as a Competitive Advantage

Because PropelGrowth works from a strategy-first mindset, we consider the needs of your brand as well as your target audience to help your content:

  • Serve the needs of Sales and the C-Suite
  • Meet the expectations of your audience and build trust
  • Stand out as an instantly-recognizable extension of your brand
  • Maintain a consistent look and feel across all channels and content formats
  • Differentiate from competitors that exhibit a “me too” sensibility over a “we lead” strategic approach

Our creative services can help you establish, improve, reinforce and maintain your brand identity with:


Creative Design Examples

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