What We Do

At PropelGrowth, our focus is helping fintech and real estate technology providers drive awareness, attract leads, facilitate the buying process and maximize return on investment for your marketing strategy.

Facilitating the Buying Process

In this age of the self-educated buyer, prospects expect to research business problems and solutions online. Generally, they do quite a bit of that research before they’re willing to talk to someone from Sales. Even after they engage with Sales, they’re still doing their own online research throughout their buying process.

PropelGrowth specializes in marketing strategy and content marketing programs for financial services and financial technology firms. We develop strategy and build thought leadership programs to help you generate leads and facilitate the buying process.

Our integrated marketing programs include blogs, white papers, articles placed in trade publications, videos, e-books, podcasts, webinars and live events. PropelGrowth has expertise in buy-side and sell-side technology across all asset classes. We work primarily with FinTech vendors.

What We Help With

Develop a buyer-centric marketing strategy to generate demand:

  • Interview buyers (wins, losses, strategic accounts, competitor accounts)
  • Identify buying triggers, buying committee, buying process, internal objections
  • Develop messaging in the voice of your customer
  • Plan content to address buying committee needs at each stage in process
  • Create an execution and distribution plan matched to your budget and priorities

Create content to attract leads and facilitate the buying process:

  • Awareness content and thought leadership to attract early stage leads
  • Nurture content to facilitate the buying process and overcome objections
  • Sales content to answer common customer questions
  • Help leads form their vision of a solution before your competitors get a chance

Capture qualified leads and keep them from falling through the cracks:

  • Leverage early stage content to attract leads and get them to subscribe
  • Nurture2 leads with valuable content to educate and stay top of mind
  • Stay in touch so when they’re ready to engage, you’re top of mind
  • Acquire contacts across buying committee for key accounts

Facilitate (and speed up) target accounts’ buying process:

  • Target multiple members of the buying committee
  • Help internal advocates build consensus with other stakeholders
  • Provide content to overcome objections and barriers to purchase

Increase close rates by reducing no-decision and competitive losses:

  • Conduct loss interviews to identify marketing and sales execution gaps
  • Analyze competitors to identify weak spots and improve positioning
  • Refine strategy to improve sales effectiveness

Improve account retention and expansion via cross-sell and up-sell:

  • Educate existing clients on how to make better use of your capabilities
  • Increase awareness of other products not currently in use
  • Acquire contacts in other departments/geographies for expansion campaigns
  • Facilitate account management and sales efforts

How we work with you

We operate on three models depending on client needs and budget – strategic advisory, content development, and program development/execution.

Strategic Advisory and Coaching
A PropelGrowth strategist works closely with your team, helping determine strategy, interviewing clients and lost deals, and collaborating with your sales and marketing team to improve demand generation and sales effectiveness. When needed, we can help with specific content needs, but generally guide while your team executes. This service is offered on a monthly retainer basis. Learn more about our strategy coaching service here.

Market Research
We routinely conduct buyer research for clients. The research focuses on uncovering the buyers’ process, needs, common questions and objections, and reasons for buying or not buying your solution. This voice of the customer research forms the foundation from which the marketing strategy and all content is developed. Learn more about our buyer research services here.

Content Development
A PropelGrowth strategist works with you to determine specific needs, and we execute on that objective. For example, we might write a series of thought leadership articles based on interviews with your subject matter experts. We might develop and help you execute a series of webinars or a live event and then write articles about the event to build awareness. These are generally 1-off projects offered at a fixed price. Get more info about our content programs here.

Lead Generation Program
We use a process we call “Using Every Part of the Buffalo” to develop a year-long lead generation program. This includes research-based premium content such as a white paper, research report or e-book. Then we develop an extensive series of related content including articles, blog posts, infographics, email campaigns, online events and live events. We call this a “Buffalo Content Program.”

The Buffalo Content Program provides sufficient content for 10-12 months of targeted lead generation campaigns. We also facilitate the publication, syndication and promotion of this content, tracking its effectiveness on a monthly basis, and adapting the program as needed to improve outcomes. These packages are customized for your needs and offered at a fixed price.

Lead Nurturing
Research consistently shows that customers conduct 60-70% of their buying process before they are willing to engage with vendor sales people. Therefore, companies must provide content to help influence that decision process before the customer begins to work with your sales team. Lead nurturing and content marketing help facilitate that process.

We conduct buyer persona research to outline the customer’s buying process, create persona-specific messaging, and identify their informational needs at each stage in the buying process. From this, we develop a quarterly editorial calendar based on answering customer questions to provide highly useful, customer-centric content that can be published on your blog, syndicated to third party publications, and used in email lead nurturing. For many of our clients, we also implement a marketing automation system and deploy the lead nurturing program. These packages are customized for your needs and offered at a fixed price.

For information on how we can help you construct a strategic integrated marketing plan, contact us at +1 970-300-2280