Value Proposition

Articulate a Clear and Compelling Value Proposition

Articulating a clear and compelling business value proposition is the key to engaging executive-level decision makers. A consistent, differentiated message will help your sales and marketing teams to rise above the noise of the competition.

As we work with your teams to develop go-to-market strategies and deliver relevant training, we will help you fine-tune your core value proposition.

At PropelGrowth, we believe that nobody can define your company’s value proposition better than your current customers. We survey your customers about how they use your capabilities and draw out of them the key messages you can take to prospects – helping your sales and marketing team communicate in the same “language” as your prospects and deliver more compelling and relevant messages to your target market.

Via market research, interviews with your customers and meetings with your own marketing, sales, and technology staff, PropelGrowth will help you define an enhanced value proposition. This will help you to:

  • Articulate the value of your products and services as a true solution to your customers’ business problems – demonstrating the full value of your offering and specific capabilities.
  • Create a vision with your customers of the value they can obtain from your services.
  • Identify new areas of market opportunity for positioning and growing your business.