Opportunity Maps

Identify New Market Opportunities

The capital markets industry is comprised of a diverse range of niche players who have varied needs and business drivers. Companies that target the capital markets as one broad vertical run the risk of developing positioning that misses its mark, making the sales and marketing process more difficult and more expensive than it needs to be. If you are to maximize your marketing and sales effectiveness and minimize selling costs, it is necessary to understand the market from a more detailed perspective.

PropelGrowth’s opportunity maps help you to gain a deeper understanding of market needs, identify where your best odds opportunities exist, and find out who your real competition is in relation to those opportunities.

Armed with an analysis of your customized opportunity maps and corresponding strategy canvas, we can then work together with you and your firm to develop a strategy that will enable you to grow existing revenue and successfully penetrate new market opportunities.

The maps also serve as a strong visual tool to help educate investors, boards, sales and marketing teams, and product development about your market opportunity, including:

  • A better understanding of opportunities to penetrate niche target markets.
  • Insight into the business problems amongst specific types of users in the capital markets.
  • Discovery of where the true competition lies vs. perceived competition.