Sales Playbooks

Prepare Your Sales Team to Seal the Deal

PropelGrowth delivers customized sales playbooks that serve as a consultative selling guide for your sales teams and prepares them for executive conversations throughout the sales process. Our clients use PropelGrowth playbooks to help teams understand the core value provided to various market segments, as a guide for getting in the door and preparing for initial meetings, as a training tool for onboarding new employees, and as a “handbook” for campaign development and marketing communications.

The playbook will provide relevant information about the capital market segments into which you’re selling, plus core value propositions, reference stories, opening questions and probing questions to help sales people engage in conversations with senior executives and uncover business needs. Content may include:

  • Descriptions of key business operations targeted in your firm’s go-to-market strategy.
  • An outline of key business goals, challenges, pains, and needs relevant to your target segments.
  • A graph connecting your capabilities with specific business challenges experienced by prospects.
  • Opening, leading, and probing questions that salespeople can use in conversation to help draw out business needs.
  • Potential objections and approaches for handling those objections.
  • Call planning and negotiation guides.
  • Possible competitive solutions available to the target clients and a charting of the competitions’ strengths and weaknesses against your own.