5 Tips to be an All-Star Email Marketer


In 2013, we posted a blog post titled, 5 Tips for Driving Conversions in B2B Email Marketing. To our delight, this post generated a lot of interest amongst our readers. As such, we’ve decided to revisit the email marketing topic and provide more tips for boosting success. Here goes! Tip #1: Initiate a Conversation In […]

Developing Buyer Personas For Financial Services

Developing services personas for is challenging when working toward an effective marketing strategy.

The following is a guest post by Emilie Totten, Marketing Manager at Synthesis Technology. 12 months ago, I was hired as head of marketing for Synthesis, a financial services technology firm that provides marketing and data solutions to investment companies. As a “newbie” to the fintech industry, I was amped up for the challenge but had […]

Does Your Sales Presentation Put Prospects To Sleep?

Does your sales demo put prospects to sleep?

Death of a Sale by PowerPoint Back when I was running a fintech software company, I was subjected to a lot of boring sales demos. One particularly painful experience involved a 120-slide sales presentation by a technology vendor that wanted to partner with us. I was one of three people in the room. They started […]

How To Optimize Your Outbound Marketing Program

Go beyond inbound marketing - optimize your outbound efforts and integrate them both.

Outbound marketing continues to be an effective way to bring in qualified leads — particularly if it is tightly integrated with a strong inbound strategy. To clarify, outbound marketing techniques are based on your effort to initiate a conversation with the customer, as opposed to the other way around (a.k.a inbound marketing). Examples of this […]

18 Signs That Your Marketing Content is Irrelevant

18 signs your marketing is irrelevant to buyers

In her new book Digital Relevance, Ardath Albee mentions that an Adobe study found that “76% of marketers think marketing has changed more in the past 2 years than it did in the previous 50.” Yet in financial services, I continue to see marketers cling to old ways in spite of the fact that they’re […]