Making a Home Where the Buffalo Roam

PropelGrowth is moving to Fort Collins, Colorado.

Ah, summer. The season where things slow down a bit. Vacations. Summer Fridays. Extended lunches. Moving. Did that last one catch your attention? It’s not generally a top-of-mind item when considering summer activities. But in our case, that’s our primary activity right now. You see, we’re moving PropelGrowth from Princeton, New Jersey to Fort Collins, […]

6 Tips for Nurturing Existing Customers

With lead nurturing, 1 retained customer equals 4 sales prospects.

A Bird in the Hand is Worth Four in the Bush We talk a lot about creating demand, generating leads and acquiring customers in this blog. But marketers also need to focus on customer retention. Consider this: most sales organizations close about one out of every four qualified opportunities. So that means if you have a […]

11 Reasons Your FinTech White Paper Fails

Learn why FinTech white papers fail to achieve business objectives.

Your FinTech White Paper Needs a Strategy Well-targeted and effectively written white papers can be powerful lead generation and lead conversion tools. But to be effective, they must be highly relevant to your target market, address their specific business concerns, and provide the kind of information that helps trigger a transition from one buying stage to […]

7 Lessons From A Bad Webinar

Webinar expert Ken Molay shares a cautionary tale of webinar mistakes

The following is a guest post by Ken Molay, President at Webinar Success. It originally appeared here. Losing Credibility With Bad Webinar Behaviors Recently, I attended a bad webinar. Today I want to analyze specific mistakes from the webinar that you can use as a learning experience or checklist items to help you avoid similar problems […]

How Marvel Studios Can Inform Content Strategy

3 phases of Marvel Studios movie releases serve as a great example for content marketing strategy

  Have you seen The Avengers: Age of Ultron? For a sequel, it’s pretty good. What’s interesting is that it’s earned the second highest box office take in history (as of this writing). Know what tops the list? The first Avengers movie. Besides pulling off the hat-trick of gathering so many “A list” stars, these […]