Complying With Global Anti-Spam Laws


Email marketers must be cautious to comply with anti-spam laws, but this is not always a simple process given that these laws vary by country. Below we’ve compiled some general information concerning anti-spam laws by region. We’ve also included some links to resources where you can find more detailed information about the laws. Next week, […]

FIX and Trading Transparency


Last week, the FIX Trading Community hosted a regional meeting called “Trading and Transparency – the FIX Solution.” It was focused on electronic trading execution transparency and transaction cost analysis. The speakers were: Ian Domowitz, Managing Director, Head of Analytics, ITG Vlad Rashkovich, Global Business Manager, Bloomberg L.P. Brian Lees, AVP, Trading Application Manager, Capital Group Phil […]

3 Major Pitfalls of Content Marketing


Let’s face it, a lot of content floating around today is — to put it bluntly — crap. The truth is that many businesses are sacrificing quality merely to publish content as frequently as possible. Recently, I came across a website for a technology firm targeting financial advisory organizations. While the firm was doing a […]

Top Takeaways: B2B Content Marketing Study


Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs just released their 5th content marketing survey, titled B2B Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America. As always, the study is very informative about where B2B marketers are in their evolving understanding of content marketing. Here are some quick takeaways. 1. Content Marketing Strategy is King. […]

14 Best Practices for Outstanding Webinars


Don’t Just Slap Your Webinars Together Webinars can be an extraordinarily effective marketing tool when carried out correctly. But often marketers don’t understand how much planning and preparation is needed to execute an engaging, professionally produced webinar. For example, earlier this year, we produced a webinar with two inexperienced speakers. They thought presenting would be […]

Facilitating the Buying Process at Financial Institutions

Blog post by Candyce Edelen containing infographic of the financial services buying process

Buying committees for large purchases at financial services firms are growing.  Recent research by CCGroupPR found that 52% of technology decisions at banks involved 10 or more people. Whenever a big tech investment is being considered, stakeholders from various functional and regional divisions have to reach consensus on a strategy in order to move a transaction forward. […]

How a Ghost Writer Captures Voice


The following article is by Melanie Wold, a journalist who ghost writes for PropelGrowth clients. Her specialties include global oil and gas markets and geopolitics, financial markets including FX and equities, big data/market data, electronic trading technology, algorithmic trading, and global regulation. How to Ghost Write in Someone Else’s Voice I am a ghost blogger, a […]

White Papers vs. Reports for Content Marketing


In order for content to drive leads, it needs to resonate with your target audience. Timing is an important part of this equation. For example, at the early point in the buying cycle when your prospect is just realizing they have a problem, a white paper that helps them understand their challenges, provides industry perspective […]

In-House vs. Outsourced Content Marketing


In-House vs. Outsourced:  Which is Better?  Many businesses struggle with the question — is it better to keep content marketing (and related strategy) in-house or outsource it to an agency? There are varied opinions on this topic. Some think that keeping the function in-house and taking advantage of employee resources already in place is the affordable […]

Can Buyer Personas Ruin Content Marketing?

Are your buyer personas brand-centric or customer-centric?

A couple weeks ago, Tom Webster published a blog, How Buyer Personas Could Ruin Your Content Marketing. In his article (which is a companion to a podcast he recorded with Mark Schaefer, he argues that a content strategy should be focused on attracting the right audience, which he differentiates from prospective buyers. According to Tom, […]