Content Curation Enriches Content Marketing Programs


Content curation is the practice of identifying, summarizing and sharing high-quality articles, blogs and other relevant content with your target audience. It can be an incredibly effective (and inexpensive) tactic for raising awareness of your brand, if it’s backed by a solid content marketing strategy. The beauty of content curation is that you don’t need […]

To Our Subscribers – We Need Your Help


This year, we’ve been doing a lot of work to improve your experience with our content. We migrated our blog RSS feed from Google’s Feedburner to Feedblitz.  We re-designed our landing pages to be more mobile-friendly, and we changed our email service. It didn’t all go smoothly, as our email subscribers experienced back in February […]

Is Your Late Stage Content Increasing Fear?


Lately, I’ve been considering a change to PropelGrowth’s bookkeeping system, and this process has sent me down the trail of hunting for answers to lots of questions online. Part of my evaluation has included reviewing QuickBooks Online. Experimenting with Promotional Pricing The QuickBooks marketing department is experimenting with introductory pricing (a QB sales rep confirmed […]

Email Marketing – Implied vs Explicit Consent


In an earlier blog post, Complying With Anti-spam Laws, I gave a breakdown of the various email marketing laws by region. I also promised that this week I would provide greater detail on the concepts of implied consent and express consent as they relate to the different regions. So, here goes: A High Level Comparison […]

3 Cool LinkedIn Features to Help Content Marketing


Recently author, speaker and Head of Strategy at King Content, Todd Wheatland (@ToddWheatland) gave a great presentation on LinkedIn and SlideShare hacks at the Content Marketing World Conference 2014. In it, he provided several smart tips for getting real business results from LinkedIn. Here is a recap of some of the things Todd discussed along […]