B2B Lead Conversion – Qualification Matters

I need your sales forecasts, account plans, expense reports, and territory plans next Monday. And by the way, why haven't you called those leads from Marketing?

“If you are sending inquiries to your sales team prior to a true qualification, you are wasting money and the precious time of your sales team.”     — Michael Brenner Last week, I came across an excellent blog post from Michael Brenner about B2B lead conversion rates called “Hey Marketing, an Inquiry Is Not a […]

StudioPress: Great for SMB Website Design

StudioPress is a wonderful tool for building mobile-friendly websites

Why Use A WordPress Template? As someone responsible for marketing a small business, it seems there’s just never enough time to get things done. Even taking a bio break can feel like a distraction. At times it feels like I’m in the “Hey Mon!” skit from In Living Color. So it goes when having to […]

Top Takeaways from the 2015 FIX Americas Conference

Candyce Edelen shares takeaways from the 2015 FIX Americas Trading Briefing

Last week, on April 15, 2015 the FIX Trading Community put on an excellent half day event for the Americas Conference. It was a substantially smaller event than in past years, in an effort to make the content more focused and the event profitable. The team accomplished both goals with Here are some of the […]

Get the Band Together for Content Marketing Success

FinTech companies can rock their word with a content marketing supergroup.

Karaoke Singer vs. Dynamic Band Karaoke can be fun. You stand in front of an audience, singing your heart out to pre-recorded tracks of your favorite songs. It can be a rewarding experience. For all the fun that karaoke provides, when all is said and done, you’re just singing to a canned backing track. But imagine […]

B2B Buyer Personas – No Shortcuts

B2B marketing legend Ardath Albee answers questions on buyer personas and strategy with Candyce Edelen.

Actionable buyer personas are arguably the most critical component to a B2B marketing strategy. Yet, in most enterprises, this component is either missing completely or is woefully inadequate. According to a study done in May 2014, only 15% of respondents felt they were effectively using B2B buyer personas in their marketing activities. I would posit […]