B2B Lead Conversion Rates – Tracking the Right KPIs

Tracking KPIs

It’s easy for B2B marketers to get excited about the wrong metrics when setting goals for B2B lead conversion rates. But what are the most important metrics to track? How do you know if your programs are succeeding? For example, we might be thrilled at big volume spikes in website traffic, sharply increased lead conversion […]

How Do You Measure the ROI of Content Marketing?


“It doesn’t really matter what it costs, as long as we know we will get an ROI from the content marketing investment,” a CEO of a financial technology firm recently told me during a sales call. And isn’t that the truth? The value of a content marketing program should always outweigh its cost. Over the […]

How Financial Institutions Buy Technology

Gain insights into the financial technology buying process

As a content marketer serving the financial services industry, I read a lot of research studies designed to uncover the effective B2B marketing trends. But almost all of them target horizontally. If they include a financial services segment, it’s unclear what kinds of companies are included. It could include everything from bookkeeping services to payment […]

Top 10 Takeaways from IDX 2014


The following is a guest post by Dan Hubscher, Director of Marketing at Object Trading. Several of us from Object Trading attended the FIA’s IDX (International Derivatives Expo) held 10-11 June 2014 in London. In addition, on the prior evening, we hosted a private forum with 10 leaders from global FCMs, IDBs, large buy sides, and an […]

Is Having A Lot Of Market Competition A Bad Thing?


Last week, I asked you if you’ve been spending more time on competitive analysis than on customer analysis.  Today I want to dig a bit deeper into the competitor theme and examine whether having a lot of competition is a bad thing. Conventional thinking would have us believe that the best position for a technology […]

Are You Focused On Competitor Analysis or Customers?

Focus more on being customer-centric, less on what the competition is doing.

Many of our clients offering specialized trading technology spend excessive time worrying about their competition. Are you in this camp? Does your team spend more time doing competitor analysis and examining what competitors are doing than figuring out what customers need?  Are you trying to match competitor tactics? Do you let them set the bar […]

How to Guarantee Your Content Engages Your Target Audience

B2B buyers seek insight from vendors. Here's how to craft content that engages your target audience.

The top two challenges most content marketers face in executing a content strategy are creating enough content and creating content that engages the right target audience. It doesn’t matter how good your content marketing strategy is or how much content you’re producing. If you’re not attracting the right audience, keeping them engaged, and impacting their […]

Case Study – Leveraging Content to Win Clients

Jim and Jacob Northey, Amber Voght of Lasalletech

Co-founded in 2006 by Jacob and Jim Northey, Lasalletech is a leading financial technology firm that delivers products and expertise that simplify the process of deploying large trading systems. Specifically, the Michigan, US-based company offers a suite of tools designed to lower the cost of FIX adoption and usage. Looking for new ways to grow […]

Why You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

Starting with a solid content strategy greatly increases your chances of informing your customers' buying process and making the sale.

Lots of B2B marketing efforts fail to deliver the expected results, particularly those focused on the financial services industry. Why? Generally, it’s because the marketing team executes on a series of marketing tactics with no integrated strategy. Do You Need a Content Marketing Strategy Makeover? Does your team need to take a step back and […]

Content Marketing Research – Budgets, Trends, Best Practices


According to a recent study, North American B2B marketers are getting more effective. Recent content marketing research conducted by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and Marketing Profs found that 42% of respondents regard their programs as effective, up from 36% in 2013. These numbers do seem encouraging from the surface. However, the study does not explore the criteria […]