How to Evaluate a FinTech Content Marketing Agency


If you represent a financial technology firm and are looking for help with content marketing, then you already understand the very real need to deliver a steady stream of helpful, engaging content to your readers. But if you’re like most FinTech firms, your marketing team doesn’t have the time or attention span to develop a customer-centric […]

Strategy is Essential to Content Marketing


Strategy Is Everything Recently, I was talking with Carlos Hidalgo about a deal we were pitching. He commented that I was devaluing strategy in our pitch. “The strategy is everything,” Carlos said. “You are experts in financial services, and it’s what differentiates your team.” He’s right. We don’t adequately communicate the strategy component of our […]

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude


Br. David Steindl Rast, a Benedictine monk did a TED talk on gratefulness last year. In it, he talked about the importance of being grateful at all times. “We all know people who have all that they should need to be happy, and yet they’re not. They’re always striving for more. They want something else, […]

Content Curation Enriches Content Marketing Programs


Content curation is the practice of identifying, summarizing and sharing high-quality articles, blogs and other relevant content with your target audience. It can be an incredibly effective (and inexpensive) tactic for raising awareness of your brand, if it’s backed by a solid content marketing strategy. The beauty of content curation is that you don’t need […]

To Our Subscribers – We Need Your Help


This year, we’ve been doing a lot of work to improve your experience with our content. We migrated our blog RSS feed from Google’s Feedburner to Feedblitz.  We re-designed our landing pages to be more mobile-friendly, and we changed our email service. It didn’t all go smoothly, as our email subscribers experienced back in February […]