Content Marketing Research – Budgets, Trends, Best Practices


According to a recent study, North American B2B marketers are getting more effective. Recent content marketing research conducted by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and Marketing Profs found that 42% of respondents regard their programs as effective, up from 36% in 2013. These numbers do seem encouraging from the surface. However, the study does not explore the criteria […]

[Urgent] To Our Blog Subscribers

Financial Services Blog

A Big “Thank You” First, we’d like to thank you for being a loyal subscriber. We hope that you’ve been receiving value from our blog. Our goal is to provide insight and information that enhances your work day. We’re Changing Our RSS Feed Since the inception of our blog, we’ve been using Google’s Feedburner product […]

Does Your Content Marketing Comply With A Code Of Ethics?

Does your content marketing follow a code of ethics?

I recently came across a great post from Contently that discusses their code of ethics. It’s a good idea for marketers to establish and observe a code of ethics for your content in order to build trust with your audience. Here are some suggestions. But I’d love to hear your ideas too. Adhere to Core […]

5 Rules of Speech-writing Applied to Content Marketing

Learn what political speech writing and content marketing have in common.

A recent Lewis PR blog post shares insights from a talk given by Jon Favreau, who was until recently, President Obama’s Director of Speechwriting. He shared 5 rules of speech-writing that I think need to be applied not only to important political speeches, but to every piece of content your marketing department produces. I’ve borrowed […]

Constructing an Effective B2B Lead Generation Plan

Effective B2B lead generation is a mix of art and science

Having a healthy number of leads is a crucial part of driving revenue. But often B2B marketers are challenged by determining what constitutes a qualified lead. This is often because they’re unclear about where a given prospect is in the buying cycle. The result? Sales wastes their time contacting people that are not yet ready […]

FinTech Marketing – No Field Of Dreams

Download this free e-book to learn how to align marketing content with each stage of the B2B buying process

The “Field Of Dreams” Overt Sales Pitch Recently we began an engagement with a new client. We spent some time teaching them about content marketing and how important it is to educate customers instead of pitching. “Yeah, yeah,” the director of marketing agreed. “But our customers are different.” — as though their customers would want […]

Transforming FIX Certification Testing

Automating FIX certification speeds up the process

Securities exchanges everywhere are looking for new ways to attract and retain market volume in a fiercely competitive environment. However, this task is not always easy given that developing new offerings to attract flow can put a drain on even the most successful exchange’s resources. Not long ago, Latin America-based exchange BM&FBOVESPA faced this challenge. […]

Thought Leadership Review: Improving Email Marketing Performance

Email marketing tips from industry thought leaders

Getting people to notice and act on your email marketing message requires a good offer and a bit of creative strategy. In today’s blog post, we’re examining some clever ideas a few thought leaders have identified for boosting the performance of your email marketing program. How to Improve Email Clickthrough Rate by 583% From: Mike […]

Email Marketing – 5 Steps for Building an Awesome List

Christina Oswald offers 5 tips for building a relevant lead list from your email marketing.

Email marketing consistently scores as one of the most effective marketing tactics. But with all the marketing noise out there, it’s sometimes hard to get prospects to stop and read your emails. This is particularly true when you are contacting them by email for the first time. At this delicate stage in your relationship, it’s […]

Can a Mistake Have an ROI?

Sometimes, email marketing mistakes can deliver unexpected return on investment

Last week, we made an embarrassing email marketing mistake. We had just migrated to a new email service provider and were sending out an email about our upcoming webcast Feeding the Content Beast in the Real World. We ran into a little problem with the salutation code. Phil contacted technical support. After looking into it, […]

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