Is Klout Inversely Related to Real Influence?


Getting serious about social media A few months ago, PropelGrowth got more serious about how we were using Twitter. We committed to tweeting daily, we set up a strategy for what to tweet, how often, and how to engage. As we worked on it, we found our Klout scores slowly rising. Klout became my virtual […]

Knowledge Communities and How to Use Them

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On Thursday, August 18 at 4:00 ET, join PropelGrowth as we host Greg Crawford of the TabbFORUM, Scott Albro of, and Dan Hubscher of Progress Software to talk about online knowledge communities and how firms can take advantage of these professional social media communities to establish team members as trusted advisers, stay abreast of […]

Using Social Media to Find New Clients


I recently came across a series of posts at the InvestmentPal Blog that have some compelling statistics. InvestmentPal cites a HubSpot survey which found that financial services companies using social media were most likely to acquire customers through LinkedIn and their blog, with Twitter placing third and Facebook a distant fourth. Other interesting stats from […]