Social Media Compliance Policies For Financial Firms

PropelGrowthBlog Guest Post

The following is a guest blog post from Jeffrey E. Kopiwoda and Seth A. Stern with the law firm Funkhouser Vegosen Liebman & Dunn Ltd.   Develop A Clear Social Media Policy Social media offers significant opportunities for financial firms but also poses commensurate risk to firms that are unaware of legal issues affecting the […]

Is Klout Inversely Related to Real Influence?


Getting serious about social media A few months ago, PropelGrowth got more serious about how we were using Twitter. We committed to tweeting daily, we set up a strategy for what to tweet, how often, and how to engage. As we worked on it, we found our Klout scores slowly rising. Klout became my virtual […]

Using Social Media to Find New Clients


I recently came across a series of posts at the InvestmentPal Blog that have some compelling statistics. InvestmentPal cites a HubSpot survey which found that financial services companies using social media were most likely to acquire customers through LinkedIn and their blog, with Twitter placing third and Facebook a distant fourth. Other interesting stats from […]

The (Social) Medium is the Methodology

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There was a thread in the Social Media Marketers discussion group on LinkedIn that recently caught my attention: Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Social Media is A tool not THE tool in one’s marketing mix. What caused me to respond was the notion of social media as a tool. The term itself […]