Market Education

Understand your target market to articulate a compelling value proposition.

Market EducationTo engage capital markets decision makers at the business level, your sales and marketing teams must be able to understand your target market and articulate a consistent and compelling business value propositon.  Our experience has shown, however, that companies often hire either technology-focused sales teams or people with limited breadth of capital markets knowledge.

If your sales team struggles to understand your prospects’ business, they will have difficulty engaging at the business level, as they will likely focus on product — pitching the technology features and engaging in a technical discussion that goes over the heads of many business people and lands your salesperson in IT where your offering is evaluated strictly on technical merits.  To make a sale from this point, your rep has to rely on gaining enough buy-in with IT that they will do your selling for you.  The best salespeople never delegate their selling.

PropelGrowth helps your sales team to overcome these obstacles by providing targeted, relevant training about the capital markets customized to your specific offering and your targeted market segments.  We empower your organization with a clear understanding of the business, processes, workflow, objectives, needs, and pain points of your customers and prospects so that they can speak the language of the executives who make the economic buying decisions.

“PropelGrowth helped our sales people better understand our target market and engage in business-level discussions.  Within two weeks of the initial training, we had opened up four significant new sales opportunities with access at the decision-making level.”

– SVP Marketing, Event Processing Vendor

PropelGrowth can help you gain insight into your target buyers’ needs; know exactly who you’re messaging to.

Our Methodology:

PropelGrowth will educate your sales and marketing teams so that they can deliver stronger, more effective sales messaging and engage decision makers in the capital markets at the business level.  Our training includes discussion, scripted and unscripted role plays, practice in uncovering business needs, and real-world case studies to ensure that your team gains the working knowledge they need.  We provide general training, on boarding, sales coaching, and refresher courses.  Our curriculum includes:

  • Industry Segments — a detailed breakdown of the segments targeted in your go-to-market strategy covering how the companies in those segments operate, make money and lose money, what services they provide, how they’re impacted by regulations, and how they manage risk. This curriculum covers the nuances of what is important to each segment and provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of decision makers in various market segments and departments.
  • Asset Classes — an overview of the various instruments traded in the capital markets, how they are traded, automation, and trade lifecycle as relates to your specific offerings.

Along with our training solutions come customized playbooks that will prepare your sales and marketing teams for customer/prospect engagement; and can be used for company-wide training, refreshers, and new hire on boarding. With PropelGrowth, your sales and marketing teams will learn to develop and articulate a strong understanding of your customers and prospects’ business needs, preparing them to go out to the market and sell with a truly differentiated value proposition via consistent sales messaging.