Making a Home Where the Buffalo Roam

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PropelGrowth is moving to Fort Collins, Colorado.

Ah, summer. The season where things slow down a bit. Vacations. Summer Fridays. Extended lunches. Moving.

Did that last one catch your attention? It’s not generally a top-of-mind item when considering summer activities. But in our case, that’s our primary activity right now. You see, we’re moving PropelGrowth from Princeton, New Jersey to Fort Collins, Colorado next week. We’re actually going to be driving from the Garden State to (literally) where the Buffalo roam.

If you’ve sensed a slowdown of content from us, it’s because we’re working with clients AND packing AND planning AND…well, you get the picture. For the next few weeks, we’ll be focusing on getting to and setting up shop at the new location. The PropelGrowth blog will be a little less active. We’ll be the most active on Twitter and LinkedIn for the interim. Want to follow our exploits as we migrate from state to state? Join us on Twitter as we take the Content Buffalo across the country:


Once we settle in, we’re looking forward to delivering on our commitment to keeping you informed on marketing strategy, content marketing, creative marketing and anything else we can think of.

Our time in the New York/New Jersey tri-state area has been extremely valuable. Thank you friends, family and clients. We’ve learned a lot, grown a lot and built some invaluable relationships. Looking forward to staying in touch and seeing you on our return visits. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of our adventure in this area.

Next Week

Next week, we may not publish a blog post. But once we’re on the road, we’ll share some pictures of the Content Buffalo’s journey. ‘Til then, enjoy your summer!

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