More detail on B2B Lead Conversion Rates

We get a lot of traffic to our site from visitors who search for “B2B Lead Conversion Rates.” I had previously written a brief blog post commenting on benchmarks published by Marketing Sherpa. But we didn’t have anything else posted, so I’d imagine that most people searching on that term left our site somewhat disappointed. Now we’ve rectified that.

We’ve been running lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns for several clients for a few years now, and so we dug into the data that we have on past campaigns. Sirius Decisions also published some conversion rates of their own, and we compared our results to theirs. We found that our results were fairly consistent with their results for companies who have implemented effective lead nurturing processes.

We recently published the results on our website, and you can find the information here.  In addition, we’ve provided a free lead calculator for you to run the numbers based on your own conversion assumptions. Click here to download the Excel-based lead calculator.

You can also visit for more detailed research on this topic.

We hope this information is helpful.  I welcome your comments.

Candyce Edelen

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