Why You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

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Lots of B2B marketing efforts fail to deliver the expected results, particularly those focused on the financial services industry. Why? Generally, it’s because the marketing team executes on a series of marketing tactics with no integrated strategy.

Do You Need a Content Marketing Strategy Makeover?

Does your team need to take a step back and re-think your strategy? Consider these questions that give a clear indication that your marketing needs as strategic makeover:

  • Does your messaging focus on features or the business problems they solve?
  • Is your messaging consistent and integrated across marketing channels?
  • Are your content, PR, field marketing, social media and corporate communications teams integrated and all using the same strategy?
  • Does your advertising include clear calls to action that link to your content?
  • Can you leverage advertising and PR to help amplify your content?
  • Are you relying on free giveaways and drawings for tech gadgets to attract leads at conferences and events?  (hint – a entry for an iPad drawing is indicating that they want an iPad, not that they’re interested in your solution)
  • Are you sponsoring events and conferences without a clear strategy for following through with leads you gather?
  • Is your social media marketing focused on generating likes and follows instead of business results?

Without a clear marketing strategy, your marketing is less likely to resonate and generate the results you need. Lack of strategy drives up your cost per lead, increases the ratio of unqualified leads, and costs your team credibility in the organization.

Documented Strategies Are More Effective

Content Marketing Institute does annual research on content marketing effectiveness. They find that those companies with a documented content marketing strategy are far more likely to consider themselves effective at content marketing, feel less challenged in producing content that converts, and are better able to justify the budget to be spent on content marketing.

What to Include in the Marketing Strategy

We realize that marketers are often unclear about what to include in a strategy. There are no hard and fast rules. It depends on how mature your content marketing is today, how many marketing tactics you employ, how complex your offerings and sales process, and what your customers need during their buying process.

For companies with complex sales processes, multiple buyer personas and multiple marketing channels, you might find this eBook helpful: “How to Create a Marketing Strategy.” It provides an outline of the components you should consider including to create a comprehensive integrated marketing strategy.

Your Marketing Strategy Is a Living Document

The one truth about marketing is that just when you think you have it all figured out, something changes to throw a wrench in your plans. Your offerings evolve; your company goes through a merger; your customers’ business needs shift; new competitors appear; new channels arise.

Any of these events will necessitate a review and revision of your strategy. At a minimum, we recommend that you evaluate and update the strategy at least annually.

So now it’s your turn. Do you have a content strategy? Is it integrated with the rest of your marketing efforts? Is it written down?

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